Mobility in the Enterprise – Using the Cloud to Secure the Mobile Workforce

Do your employees use smartphones, laptops, or tablets to access data at work? This could be detrimental to the security of your company data and applications and the control you have over them. Approximately 60 percent of individuals are now accessing the Web through a mobile device, creating the challenge for IT departments to integrate, manage, and secure data from a wide variety of devices and platforms.

Our very own Mitch Jones, spoke to IT executives across the country during the Ziff Davis eWeek webinar, Capitalizing on the Mobile Explosion. With a focus on Mobility in the Enterprise, Mitch emphasized the inevitable deployment of a mobile workforce for most organizations due to the extensive capabilities and collaboration advantages that accompany it. Though the benefits greatly outweigh the risks of deploying a mobile workforce, it is imperative for businesses large and small to take the necessary steps to ensure the security, control and accessibility of their corporate data.

During the presentation, Mitch explained Cloud-based vs. on-device application and data management for employee smartphones, laptops and tablets. Cloud-based mobile solutions leverage the power of the internet to access IT resources anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device. This option offers the greatest level of security because all data is stored remotely– in the Cloud and not on the device itself. Though a Cloud-based mobile solution does depend on connectivity, the combination of wireless and cellular network options offer a solution that creates an “always connected” workforce. Mobile workforce management is just one more example of how the Cloud can provide accessibility, reliability, flexibility, security and mobility for IT professionals and the mobile enterprise.

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