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The ABCs of Cloud Computing for CPAs

There are few endeavors so volatile yet integral as that of a public accounting firm. CPAs work with a wide array of clients in a field that demands integrity, responsiveness, and security. Placing such insurmountable trust into the arms of a person or company can be a leap of faith for some. That is why... Read More

What is Downtime?

Some cloud hosting companies will pitch their business toting ‘uptime’ standards or a zero downtime track record. Reliability is one of the cornerstones of any hosting solution, but what does it really mean? According to Merriam Webster, downtime is a time during which a machine is out of action or unavailable for use. We define... Read More

Cloud Security: Who is Behind the Curtain?

Imagine a sinister-looking man. Sporting an ominous Hawaiian shirt, he lurks through the halls of your organization seeking a way to pilfer through your precious data and extract what he needs to sell for profit. He auspiciously finds one of your workstations, boots it up, and logs in to the network using a sticky note... Read More

4 Reasons for SMBs to Love IaaS Solutions

When it comes to cloud computing, businesses are not shy on options. But which service model is right for your organization? Infrastructure as a Service (referring to the hardware and software that powers cloud computing) providers continue to dominate the SMB market, simply because they have a lot to offer. An IaaS solution allows you... Read More

Data Recovery in the Cloud

MSPs claim to practice securing users’ cloud-based data and showcase their data center’s best security features. But, what happens if even industry best practices fail and customers experience data loss? Data recovery contingency planning needs to be an integral part of cloud storage security. Because some vendors scramble to work the angles and avoid answering... Read More