Personalized Information Technology Services: Do They Exist?

untitled-e1389902228618Every bad experience on the phone changes your demeanor and the way you talk to others. Not only that, but it wastes your time and reduces productivity. As humans, we feel an innate desire to interact with someone who cares about our needs. That is one of the many reasons why we are frustrated every time we call a support line only to sit on hold and then repeat the same story over and over again. Chances are that right now you have a plethora of people begging for your attention: vendors, employees, clients, prospects, and so on. This does nothing but make you feel exhausted and overworked.

Scenario 1. You are in the middle of a hard-deadline project. The network is down. What do you do? You call IT support for help. An unknown engineer from who-knows-where picks up the phone and places you on hold. When they finally come back, you must explain the entire problem start-to-finish. After verifying all of your credentials, customer number, PIN, email, maternal father-in-law’s favorite color, and phone number, the support representative asks you for your name. He thanks you, pronounces your name wrong, and asks what he can do for you. You start by explaining the services you currently use and try to articulate the problem. During all of this, the project deadline is ticking closer.

Scenario 2. Now imagine that you manage all of your IT via the cloud. More specifically, the Cetrom Cloud. All of your applications, infrastructure, and support are located within one secure, completely customized cloud that is supported by a customer-centric staff. Back to the project. The system is still up because of Cetrom’s uptime, but let us say you have a pressing issue or question so you call Cetrom support. The phone rings and a friendly voice answers. It’s  the Cetrom Senior Systems Engineer that has been with you since you came on board. He knows your business and its needs because he helped with your migration.

Before you can explain, he cuts right to the chase because he already knows the problem thanks to Cetrom’s advanced remote monitoring system. He explains, in your language, what the issue was and how it’s fixed from this point forward. You thank him and get back to work. Why is this ‘personalized touch’ so important? Is it really worth it to evaluate your cloud provider on this quality? How can you possibly make IT human? All of these questions need answering. Answer them by holding your IT service provider to a standard. Do not for a second believe that personalized IT is not possible. Not only is it alive and well, but also there are businesses that specialize in this area. Perhaps one of the greatest misconceptions about information technology services is that it is impersonal, robotic, and often detached.

On the contrary, many find that having a single, knowledgeable point of contact that knows you and your system is worth its weight in gold. And there is no denying the subjective, emotional benefits of having someone friendly, professional, and eager to hear from you in a time of need. Personalized IT also makes business sense. It is faster, more accurate, and highly efficient. Sherrill Hebert, Regional Sales Manager of Cetrom, says, “Familiarity with the client allows the vendor to skip the unnecessary back-story and quickly get to the root of the problem.” This means more time solving problems and less time frantically trying to find the problem.

All in all, the truth is that you can have someone from support there in a time of need. Research your cloud provider and make decisions with a personalized support requirement. Hold them to a standard of professionalism and care. For more information about a cloud computing provider that specializes in client-centric IT, visit Cetrom.