Questions All Leaders Must Ask Before Adopting New Technology

Innovation and adoption of new technologies will allow your organization efficiency and competitive advantage. Integrating new technology, big or small, into your business can be made much easier, however, simply by doing your homework. (The Cloud, for example, needs to be tailored to each individual organization). Here are six necessary questions managers must ask themselves before the adoption of any new technologies:

  1. What are the inner workings of the technology? Be sure the technology is stable and secure, as well as scalable enough to be able to grow with your business.
  2. What benefits will I receive? Are there any disadvantages?
  3. What is my company culture like? Are my employees/coworkers open to new things, or will they be hesitant to learn new methods? Regardless, know how you can better prepare them for any changes.
  4. What do I need to get started? Know the steps you’ll need to take and how much help will be required.
  5. What are the best practices for use after implementation?
  6. How can I monitor it’s usefulness? It’s important to track the effectiveness of technology to ensure you are ultimately benefiting from its implementation.

With some preparation, answering these questions will ensure any new implementations will lead your business down the path to success.   Contact Cetrom to learn more about the Cloud.