Small Business IT Support Services – In-House Employees vs. Outsourcing

Computers and other office technologies can be as volatile as the weather in spring; one minute, they’re operating smoothly, and the next, the network is down or a virus has infiltrated the system, making work near impossible to accomplish. Large corporations and local companies alike need Information Technology Support Services to address these and other issues as they crop up, ensuring employees can efficiently tackle their weekly workload. For small businesses in particular, outsourcing IT support services is a compelling and cost effective means of handling technical troubleshooting needs, whether related to specific software, email, hardware, or otherwise. Below, we’ve reviewed some of the top reasons small businesses should consider taking their IT support service out of house.

Save Money

Small businesses often seek money-saving solutions to boost their bottom line and expand their operations. Eliminating the need for salaried, full-time IT staff helps to alleviate capital expenses, freeing up funds to be invested elsewhere, and putting more money where it matters – in endeavors that produce direct revenues.

Fine-tune Focus

Sourcing IT services from an outside company frees up time for managers and staff to focus on core operations and funnel more energy into tackling essential goals and objectives. Allowing an external business to deal with IT issues that are peripheral to direct business aims allows managers to perform tasks that are well within their repertoire.

Competitive Edge

Since small business generally have a vastly different operating budget than their larger counterparts, many of them are not equipped with the proper resources to run their IT services from within. Outsourcing IT support services gives smaller companies the ability to contend with big businesses that have the means to purchase and maintain state of the art systems and services in-house.

Skilled Specialists

Outsourced IT companies have the capacity to staff experts across multiple IT platforms, ensuring small businesses have access to a network of specialists, rather than one or a few employees who may have limited qualifications and experience. This allows IT issues to be addressed efficiently and effectively with quality production. In the process of seeking an outsourced IT company, it is important for small businesses to have a firm grip on the way in which the external business operates. Be sure to know in advanced what the IT company does to provide quick and attentive service during potential system failures, how they maintain consistent communication, what security measures they take, and how much time they spend attempting to understand the infrastructure of your small business to help your operate at your best.

At Cetrom, our IT Design Services include information architecture – understanding your small business’s structure in order to implement strategies that successfully organize data – and network design – the specific components, modules, interfaces, and data that bring your information architecture to life.

For optimal protection, we also provide Virus & Spam Protection to ensure your critical documents and files remain safe and secure. As a small town business that has expanded nationally, Cetrom is committed to helping other companies ascend, with a focus on customer service. Clients flock to us for dependable, customized IT solutions, and stay to take advantage of the mutually beneficial partnership that helps their business glide high.

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