Stop Thinking of Cloud Computing as a Cost

As new information and understanding are presented to us, we abandon antiquated notions and approaches for the clarity of the present. This is how Pluto was demoted from its planetary status (you’re still celestial, Pluto!) and how baseball has come to be dominated by advanced metrics instead of gut feelings.

This is also true for business. New information and understanding change mindsets. As more businesses realize the benefits of cloud computing, executives must stop thinking of the cloud, and most IT in general, as a cost and start viewing it for what it truly is – a strategic asset.

Just as your people are an investment in your company’s success, the technology used to run a business is also an investment. After all, you cannot operate without either. And, like you hire the best people, you also want the most effective IT solution with the best return on your investment. Cloud computing is an asset that is optimized to generate the greatest productivity possible. This means it’s time for you to join the more than 40% of recent Computerworld survey respondents who forecast an increase in abandoning on-site IT spending for cloud computing allocations in 2015.

Cloud solutions are no longer something nice to have, but rather something you MUST have in order to avoid disastrous downtime and hindrances to productivity caused by on-site IT setups, such as a server going down, inclement weather, or a data breach. Whereas on-site solutions easily fall prey to such risks, cloud solutions don’t have productivity concerns and are designed in an environment with high-level security measures.

For example, consider the math for an on-site server failure alone:

On-site Server Failure Math_v3

Any downtime costs your business time and money that it will never recoup. If this cost doesn’t frighten you, it should. However, investing in cloud solutions eliminates these fears. Cloud computing companies leverage IT by maintaining tools and hardware like datacenters, servers and applications so you don’t have to. It makes your firm, company or organization more efficient and more economic in its activities. More efficiency equals more productivity and increased revenues.

Because cloud solution providers service multiple companies through their centralized infrastructures, they can provide enterprise-level solutions that allow you to stop worrying about downtime and focus on keeping yourself, your customers and your staff happy. It’s a different way of thinking, but if you change the way you see the role technology plays in your business, the benefits and value will far outweigh any initial fears of change. Contact us now to learn more about changing your IT mindset.