Tablets Enhance Education with Cloud-based Learning

We are experiencing a time of unprecedented innovation in technology, particularly with mobile devices. Today’s tablets, laptops and smartphones promise to make our lives easier with instant access to information via the Cloud and other Internet-driven applications. Schools around the world are starting to take note of the advantages of portable devices and Cloud technology in the classroom. By using laptops and tablets that access applications through the Cloud, students can interact and collaborate with peers and teachers, across cities, regions and even countries. With tablets running Cloud applications, education doesn’t have to stop in the classroom. It can take place outside, on a park bench, on a boat or plane, in a grocery store or while on vacation, as long as you have an Internet connection Developers are also embracing the use of mobile technology within the classroom. A few weeks ago, Apple launched iBooks2, a new education initiative that uses technology to make the classroom more engaging for students by “reinventing textbooks.” iBooks 2 is designed to create a “new textbook experience” for the estimated 1.5 million iPads in use in education.  The technology will enable students to interact with their books, an advancement some are calling revolutionary. The flexibility and portability of the iPad and other tablets offer additional advantages over laptops or PCs. The touch screens and clean layouts make the tablets more accessible for children with coordination or learning difficulties who may find sliding and tapping easier than typing or writing. In addition, the tablet can be easily carried which can be helpful for calming and focusing children when they are on the go. It is imperative for leaders in both education and technology to make school and learning as fun and stress-free as possible. By using the best tools for personal needs and keeping the experience engaging, it is more likely students will excel both academically and socially.  Educating future generations is a shared task, and with the help of technical innovations, we can all lend a hand in ensuring children’s successes.