SmartCEO Magazine: Tips for Thriving in Any Economy

In an excerpt from the December 2012 edition of SmartCEO Magazine, Christopher Stark, CEO, Cetrom, discusses Cetrom’s basis for thriving in any economy: “I think it’s more or less a principle of how you run your business and what your methodology for customer service is. I see, across the board, a lot of vendors or companies are working harder, and more hours, for existing clients and new clients. Quality of customer service is more important than the quantity approach. We’re not assuming anything, and we’re not taking anything for granted in this market. We have to continue to listen to our clients and their needs, look at things a little longer and a little harder, and adapt and overcome their challenges and needs. We continue to stand by our principles: 100 percent customer satisfaction, that quality is better than quantity, and working on the quality of the relationships that you have. For companies that have a product or service with quality customer service, it’s a great time to grow.” See the full PDF article, as well as tips from other CEOs, here. Learn more about Cetrom and our services.