Top 5 Reasons to Move to the Cloud Now, Not Later

Moving to the Cloud might seem like a big decision. However, it should be an easy one because of the rewards involved. Here are 5 reasons to move to the Cetrom Cloud now, not later:

  1. Security. Your business’ data is its most important asset; why not invest in the best? What if something happens to your office building, or your server itself? Storing data in the Cloud is actually more secure than having an in-house network, because of the security measures taken at data centers, the level of encryption used for your data, best-in-class technology infrastructure, and Zero Downtime. And with the Cloud, you determine which employees have access to which information on the network.
  2. Productivity. Those who embrace technology and use the Cloud are earning back their time through Zero Downtime and no more in-house server management or lost data.
  3. Scalability. Because the Cloud will be customized specifically for you and your employees, it can easily expand and grow as your business does.
  4. Financial savings. Moving to the Cloud is an investment that will pay off. In the Cloud, you will no longer need to invest in new servers and equipment, Microsoft software licensing and upgrades, IT support and maintenance, etc.
  5. Competitive advantage. Don’t be last to adopt successful technology advancements. When using a Cloud to store/access your data you will no longer need to worry about IT maintenance, support, or downtime. You can instead focus on forward-thinking projects, and growing your business.

It’s important to choose the right Cloud provider- one that gives flexibility, mobility, security, Zero Downtime, affordability, and upholds high customer service standards. With the right provider, the migration to the Cloud is easy. The Cloud is the future of data storage, and with all the benefits it brings, why wait?