Travel Industry Cloud Computing: 4 Ways the Cloud Makes Managing Travel Software Easier

With cloud computing, managing travel software is a breeze. As an IT solution proven to cut costs, improve productivity, and expand business prospects by freeing up time for busy travel industry execs to focus on core responsibilities, the cloud’s benefits are as clear as blue skies . Here are a few ways that travel industry software hosted on the cloud can improve the way the travel industry services its clientele.

Flexible and Economical

Just as travelers can save money on airfare by being flexible about their travel dates, so too can companies in the travel industry save money with the flexibility of the cloud. With the option to scale travel industry cloud computing infrastructure according to storage needs, tourism companies can increase or decrease their space in the cloud according to peak and trough business cycles. This translates to more money in the bank: during off-seasons when bookings and travel decline, travel industry companies with cloud computing don’t have to pay to upkeep IT services they aren’t using.

Software Solutions

The cloud can host a wide array of travel industry software that can be launched quickly, eliminating the need to develop new applications for niche needs. From basic booking arrangements to file sharing, itinerary creation, flight and accommodation planning and more, cloud software companies offer many applications tailored to the needs of the travel industry.

Speedy Availability

With the Internet dominating the way travelers book and plan their trips, travel industry cloud computing allows companies in the sector to keep up with the demands of online travel arrangements. With the mobility offered by the cloud, clients can access websites, shared applications, and booking tools from any location of the world, and at any time of the day – so long as they have Internet access.  This means that travel industry cloud computing gives tourism companies the ability to stay constantly connected with their clients, improving customer service and expanding the way they do business.

Secure Data

Since travel companies may be responsible for storing files containing credit card numbers and other personal data, it’s important that their software and IT solutions provide secure and encrypted solutions to keep client information confidential. Offering services like backup recovery, multiple firewalls, and redundancy, travel industry cloud computing will also ensure that no critical information is lost, and instead always remains protected. Let us drive your travel industry business down the road to better processes with travel industry cloud computing and specialized software. Our diverse offering of over 150 SaaS applications will give you access to travel industry software that keeps your company operating at full speed ahead. Contact Cetrom today to find out how our travel industry cloud computing solutions can benefit your tourism company. Please follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedinYouTube, and Google+ to stay up to date on the latest in Cloud Computing and Information Technology! Sources: How the travel industry is flying the flag for cloud computing Travel Technology and Cloud Computing