Travel Management Software: What are the Top Applications?

Businesses in the travel industry help clients make arrangements to fly through the clouds en route to desirable destinations. More and more companies that operate in the travel industry are turning to cloud computing as a means of powering their travel management software. Here’s why:

Travel is Seasonal 

The phrases “on-season” and “off-season” were coined for a reason – summer sees a slew of travelers on vacation, while in the dead of winter, tourism often goes defunct. Cloud computing in the travel industry accommodates these fluctuations in peak and idle business times, allowing travel companies to scale IT infrastructure according to their anticipated load. This lends them the opportunity to lower operational costs by paying for the amount of space in the cloud that they need at any given time in order to run their travel management software efficiently.

Travelers are Mobile

Travel companies that operate online or that offer services over the Internet need their websites and programs to be available at all times, from any location. On-the-go vacationers have to be able to conveniently check their bookings and confirm the details of their travel arrangements wherever they are, on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Cloud computing in the travel industry supports mobile technology, making travel management software easily accessible for its users no matter how far away from home they are. But besides affordability, scalability, and mobility, what else does cloud computing have to offer the travel industry? Let’s get specific and talk about some of the top travel management software on the market.


The scientist Galileo posited that the planets revolve around the sun, and the software Galileo is truly the sun around many travel companies revolve. From project management to CRM, this travel management software can create to-do lists, share files, track time, note important dates on its built-in calendar, and much, much more.


The building blocks of arranging travel, BookingBuilder has the capacity to open supplier web sites, fill in requests, copy profile data into the site, and confirm details. It makes bookings fast and easier.

Cornerstone Information Systems

From checking reservations to monitoring travel policies, creating itineraries, and more, this travel management software in the cloud is equipped to process many different types of data – and in large quantities.


Catering to travel agencies, travelers, hotels, airlines, tour companies, and most all businesses in the travel industry, this global distribution system (GDS) helps people get where they want to go when they want to.

Travcom CS

A complete travel solution, Travcom CS manages a wide variety of information, whether it relates to the client, marketing, sales, reservations, finances, or otherwise.

Cloud Computing in the Travel Industry

With a library boasting more than 150 diverse SaaS applications from leading technology providers, Cetrom can help determine what programs are best suited for individual companies within the travel industry, creating custom IT solutions to improve travel management. A travel technology company, Cetrom has over a decade of experience designing cloud computing solutions to host travel management software. So don’t get left behind: contact Cetrom today to find out how our Cloud Computing solutions can benefit your travel management company. Sources: How the travel industry is flying the flag for cloud computing