Using Technology to Deliver a Better Member Experience

The discussion around Cloud adoption really focuses on the comparative advantages of information technology and traditional business methods. Many businesses and associations of today still operate off of an in-office network, use a paper system for most documentation, and must continually evaluate and invest in hardware/software solutions. But are those traditional methods the best methods? A wise boss once said, “Work smarter, not harder.” Integrating the Cloud into your business model will positively impact not only your association, but its members as well.

The Cloud is considered to be “Green IT”. Instead of using paper documentation, go paperless and store information securely and wirelessly, in the Cloud. You and your members can then access the information from anywhere, with any device. With no in-office network and a pay-as-you-use model, the resource efficiency will spill over into financial efficiency, too. With the right Cloud provider, your association will no longer be consumed with network outages or limited by information inaccessibility.

The Cloud ensures maximum uptime, translating into minimal IT management. The Cloud also allows for security and network compliance. With traditional IT in-office network setups, there is typically uncontrolled staff access to IT resources, which may introduce opportunities for internal security breaches. The Cloud, however, allows user-defined controls to secure who can see what information. And the Cloud itself typically employs better security measures than those used by leading financial institutions, to ensure you can trust your members’ data is safe. Imagine if your members had the ability to access the technology tools and resources they need from any dispersed location, safely and securely. Resource mobility, uptime, financial predictability, and security are just a few of the benefits your members will enjoy with the Cloud.

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