Ways to be Productive on a Slow Work Day

Experiencing that “off season” period at work, or have some extra time on your hands? It may be the best time to catch up on productivity. Here are some tips to find work when you have a few slow hours, or days, on the job:

  1. Organize. Organizing your emails and network folders/documents will allow you to work more efficiently. While doing so, also save any well-written emails or documents you created as templates for future use or HR resources.
  2. Learn about other roles/departments in your organization. Being a well-rounded employee will allow you to gain a better understanding of your company, and thus your own job. Or, ask if any colleagues could use a “pick-me-up” on any work or projects!
  3. Improve your information resources. Look thru your company’s website and marketing collateral (anyone in the organization can help contribute broader perspective with updates, advice, or additions). Succession planning is also a great use of your time; make a written record of what you do and how you do it. This will help you during repetitive tasks, and will help your business if something were to ever happen to you or them.
  4. Stay industry-informed. Reading relevant articles, blogs, etc. will keep you on the leading edge, and will also spark new ideas to apply to your own work.
  5. Keep in touch. Make or schedule phone calls with your receptive clients, leads, and vendors to strengthen relationships and further propel your business.