What Cloud Computing Can Do For Accounting and Financial Services Companies

Money matters, and so does the way your sensitive financial information is stored and transmitted. Cloud computing for accountants offers a safe and reliable way for financial services companies to help their clients manage pertinent financial data. Here are just a few reasons why many accounting firms are looking to cloud computing services to support their IT needs.

Immediate Implementation

With no software installation requirements and no need for advanced hardware systems, cloud computing services for accountants – or anyone – can be off the ground running almost immediately. All that’s needed to get started? Internet access – the cloud operates securely on the web, meaning that with cloud computing for accountants, financial services professionals can access data both in office and off-site.

A Secure Solution

Speaking of secure access, cloud computing services comply with regulatory measures that must be upheld when handling sensitive financial information. The cloud offers virus and firewall protection aimed at preventing hackers and intruders. All data contained in the cloud is also encrypted, so that information is near-impossible to retrieve by unwanted eyes, and made unreadable without access to an encryption key. Cloud computing services also create multi-level redundancy, meaning that data is stored in more than one location in order to ensure that the information financial services companies need is always on hand, no matter what.

Client Collaboration

The cloud allows accountants to give clients access to their financial information, creating enhanced communication. Permitting customers to see reports generated in real-time and look at their data frequently to gain a better understanding of their finances, cloud computing for accountants can help transform the way financial firms interact with clients. It also eliminates the hassle of transmitting large files via email or file transfer – the cloud is quick and easy to use, meaning no lulls or delays in the process of sharing financial information. Not to mention that by eliminating the need for accountants to spend large portions of time copying and sending information to clients, they will be better able to focus on what they are meant to do: analyze data and offer important insights on financial matters. At Cetrom, we have over ten years of experience offering cloud computing for accountants. With an understanding of the private nature of your business and compliance requirements within the sector, we work in close conjunction with AICPA to develop solutions that will help you deliver superior customer service to clients. Acting as your virtual IT department, Cetrom provides 24/7 support and access to over 150 diverse SaaS applications from leading technology providers to ensure you have the programs that you need most. Contact Cetrom today to find out how our Cloud Computing services that are tailored for use by accountants can benefit your CPA or accounting firm. Please follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedinYouTube, and Google+ to stay up to date on the latest in Cloud Computing and Information Technology!