What Zero Downtime Will Mean for your Business

With Cetrom’s recent attendance at AICPA events, downtime has been a major topic of interest for businesses looking to go into the Cloud as well as those already in the Cloud. A few common catalysts leading to downtime events can include the ever-evolving internet, poor bandwidth, low connectivity, lack of investment/ownership in up-to-date equipment, and non-scalable solutions. As a result, on-site IT solutions, as well as “in-the-box” IT solutions, cost your organization time, money, and valuable resources. By moving to a reliable and customized hosted solution, the need to spend unbudgeted human and financial resources on your IT efforts diminishes. So what exactly will Cetrom’s Zero Downtime mean for your business?

    1.  A competitive advantage. Those who understand the importance of relying on a reputable Cloud provider will be able to focus on earning more revenue and growing the business, while their competitors will still be behind the curve, dealing with inevitable downtime.
    2. Earning back your time. By using a managed Cloud solution for your network and applications, you will no longer spend time trying to fix your in-house servers, learning about necessary upgrades and licensing, or spending endless time on hold with a support line in an attempt to fix problems. Instead, you can focus on more forward-thinking projects and tasks.
    3. Saving money. Your business operations won’t skip a beat. With downtime, you lose in-house productivity hours from your employees until your network is back up and running. For example, let’s say your business has 20 employees. If your in-house network goes down for one hour, that’s a loss of 20 productivity hours for your business, in addition to any fees you might have to spend on calling an IT technician in to fix your problem. Zero Downtime means your human resources and financial resources are no longer being spent on IT difficulties and can instead be focused on the productivity and growth of your business.

Cetrom understands the importance of continuity and Zero Downtime, and constantly re-invests in equipment and servers to uphold that standard for its customers. Cetrom’s Zero Downtime record is also attributable to its Cloud management efforts with top-notch infrastructure innovations and customization, as well as 24x7x365 senior-level engineering client support. To eliminate downtime problems and be able to dedicate your efforts towards other initiatives, finding a reputed Cloud provider is the key. Don’t let your business hold onto functions that would be extremely easy and effective to outsource; using a Cetrom Cloud solution will save you time and money with our 99.99% uptime guarantee. Since Cetrom was founded 11 years ago, we have never experienced a downtime incident. Read more about the meaning of Zero Downtime, as well as other benefits of Cloud Computing.