When is the best time for CPAs to move to the Cloud?

Most businesses searching for a cloud service provider can logistically handle migrating to the cloud at any point during the year. CPAs, on the other hand, have a unique situation– a very busy tax season. From January to mid-April, CPAs spend virtually every business hour cranking out tax-related work for their clients, leaving little time for back office matters, such as finding the best IT solution for their firm. But research shows more CPAs are switching to cloud- based IT solutions each year. Obviously, tax season is not the ideal time for CPAs to switch IT providers or methods. Any months which fall outside of this busy season would be a good time to migrate to a Cloud business solution, but when is the best time to make the switch? NOW is the best time for CPAs to switch to a cloud environment. In these few months before the start of tax season, CPA firms nation-wide should be searching for the right cloud service provider to give them a leg up on competing firms. But it’s not all about timing; finding a cloud service provider that meets your firm’s unique needs is equally important. What should CPAs look for in a cloud provider? For one thing, a provider should be able to complete the organizational migration process before tax season, or at least provide a temporary solution to ensure your firm will not experience unnecessary downtime. There is no sense in switching IT providers in effort to benefit your firm, if it will not be finished in time for your most profitable season. Aside from tight deadlines, CPA firms have unique needs that can’t be met by one-size-fits-all IT packages. For example, CPAs typically use industry-specific software programs like those provided by CCH, Thomson Reuters, and Intuit. These 3rd party software applications aren’t often included in general cloud solutions. Instead of opting for vendors that provide only cookie-cutter IT solutions, search for providers that offer cloud consulting services. Vendors that offer personalized attention to your firm are more likely to deliver better customer service than other IT providers. What is cloud consulting? Cloud consulting is a feature service that only a handful of IT providers offer to prospective customers. It serves as a way to personalize an IT product to your needs. Think of it like a consultation for a bespoke suit– a made-to-measure solution for your firm. Consultants will meet with representatives from your firm to determine what you need, want, and expect from your IT service, and design a cloud solution to match. The right cloud provider won’t ask you to settle. Rather, they’ll design a reliable product that includes everything your firm needs and work diligently to make sure your business is ready for the fast-approaching tax season. Don’t know a cloud service provider that offers consulting services? Cetrom has been developing custom cloud solutions for over twelve years. We are active in the AICPA community, and currently service several Metro Area CPA firms. Contact Cetrom today and ask about our cloud consulting services, or click here to learn about our IT solutions for CPAs and accountants.