What makes the Cetrom CPA Cloud different from other Cloud Providers?

Staying up-and-running with zero downtime, especially during tax season, is key to productivity. We’re no cookie-cutter cloud provider- we know how unique CPA firms are and develop custom cloud solutions to fit your needs. We understand the challenges of providing IT solutions to the accounting industry during peak tax season, which is why we have the ability to scale up your capacity for when you need it the most.

Five main factors separate the Cetrom SMB Cloud from your other Cloud choices:

  • Specializing in Cloud Computing Solutions for SMBs since 2001
  • Providing Tier-3 Senior Level Support 24x7x365
  • Hybrid Cloud solutions for Data Replication & Redundancy Onsite
  • Record-breaking Zero Downtime
  • 6 month No-Hassle Guarantee

Migrate your business to the SMB Cloud, experience the benefits:

  • Increase productivity and streamline budgeting
  • Eliminate the stress of overburdened IT departments
  • Leverage a mature managed cyber security model
  • Prepare for unknown actual and virtual disasters
  • Assure leading-edge technology

Cetrom specializes in providing a full suite of hosted CPA applications. Learn more about our IT Solutions for Accountants.

Call (866) 923-8766 or fill out this request for your Complimentary Consultation to see if the Cetrom Cloud is right for your business.

97% Customer Retention Rate – When clients experience our cloud, they stick with us for life!

“Because we use specialized software for CPAs, we were concerned about the migration process. Cetrom’s CEO reassured us that there’s no concern because they understand how the software operates in the cloud infrastructure and how it’s going to run in our system. Everything they said was true. The migration was very seamless and any kinks that we had previously were gone.”

Brian P. Morrison, CPA, CITP, partner
The CST Group

Is Cetrom Your Cloud Services Solution?