Our areas of commitment

Cetrom was founded on the principles of providing exemplary customer service, building a strong company culture, and being environmentally responsible. As a result, we have developed our corporate responsibility efforts to keep the best interests of our customers and staff top of mind.

  • Superior Customer Service: This is our #1 goal, and it is driven by our president and CEO, Christopher Stark, who is passionate about technology services and about doing the right thing, always. For example, if you consider modifying your company’s cloud computing solution, we will provide insight on best practices to help you make an informed decision, whether it’s in our best business interest or not. We view the broad spectrum of your IT requirements as our responsibility, allowing you to place the technological burden on us and instead focus on your business’ day-to-day operations. Chris believes it’s our advanced services that allow our customers to fully leverage the advantages of cloud computing by letting our IT experts be your virtual IT staff.
  • Company Culture: In order to better serve our customers, we make a concerted effort to also do what’s right by our staff. Happy employees are contagious and spread this energy into their work. To encourage a positive work-life balance, we offer telecommuting options and have liberal paid time off (PTO) policies.
  • Environment and Sustainability: We focus on ways to reduce our environmental footprint while also helping clients to minimize theirs. Not only do we follow our own pursuit to be “green” but cloud computing helps businesses be environmentally friendly by streamlining their IT, resulting in the use of less paper and electricity.

If you’re interested in gaining better insight into our corporate responsibility efforts, contact us!

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