Cetrom Testimonials

Cetrom Support fixed all of my problems, their engineers are very professional, courteous, friendly and very efficient. If all customer service out there was like this, it would be a better world. Thank you, Cetrom!

Mid-sized East Coast CPA Firm – Support

One of the things we appreciate wholeheartedly about working with Cetrom is how great the people in the service area are and the high-level of responsiveness we have received. I’ve been very pleased with the services Cetrom provides and I can’t say enough about the people Cetrom hires. They’re great resources and they reflect very well on Cetrom and its overall company service model.

Mid-sized West Coast CPA Firm – Support

Cetrom’s services and support really stood out against the other cloud vendors. We thought their Citrix delivery platform would have a higher level of adoption because our employees would have the same desktop setup that they have grown accustomed to using– and it has. Cetrom also stressed the importance of their backups, data redundancies and overall security, which is extremely important because we’re focused on protecting our clients’ data.

Mid-sized West Coast CPA Firm – Services & Support

Our migration process with Cetrom was very smooth and we had an excellent experience with their support during the demo process. We have 24/7 monitoring on our onsite equipment and they have the ability to support our local workstations if we have any issues.

Small Midwest CPA Firm- Cloud Services

We are extremely happy with the service and support we receive from Cetrom. Our staff is more efficient overall in our day-to-day activities and we don’t have any downtime. It’s a good feeling knowing we have them in our corner to guide us in making the right IT decisions.

Mid-sized East Coast CPA Firm – Service & Support

Cetrom is an extremely cost-effective option for IT services. Not only do we receive significantly improved customer service, but we were also able to add a new VoIP system, better internet service, a back-up internet service, and cable TV with the cost savings from our previous provider.

Mid-sized East Coast CPA Firm – Cost-effective Solutions

Because we use specialized software for CPAs, we were concerned about the migration process. Cetrom’s CEO reassured us that there’s no concern because they understand how the software operates in the cloud infrastructure and how it’s going to run in our system. Everything they said was true. The migration was very seamless and any kinks that we had previously were gone.

Mid-sized East Coast CPA Firm – Cloud Migration

We use two programs that often posed a challenge for our previous IT providers. Cetrom handled the situation professionally, coordinated with the software vendors, did all the backend testing, and made sure the product was working properly before they released it to us.

Mid-sized East Coast CPA Firm – Support

After interviewing and reviewing the proposals from various IT providers, it was really a night and day comparison about price, service, and performance—Cetrom was just outshining the others on every level. With Cetrom, we knew that we're going to save money and get better service—add the fact that they certainly lived up to our high expectations through migration and we couldn’t be happier.

Mid-sized East Coast CPA Firm – Cloud Migration

I just want to drop you a line and let you know how pleased we are with our move to Cetrom. Your people knocked it out of the park for us and are doing a great job getting us up and working. On our first day with the new system, it seems like most issues are tweaks and such – nothing big or surprising. Thanks so much and I am so glad you are supporting us. We are really happy with the smooth transition. You are running a truly great company.

Small-sized Mid-West CPA Firm – Cloud Migration

Our accounting services users working in the field have greatly benefited from our migration to the cloud. They’re now able to be much more efficient while working in a client’s office because they have the ability to access and share files and information. It has dramatically increased our efficiency and we can complete engagements onsite.

Mid-sized West Coast CPA Firm – Cloud Services

I can't say enough about the timeliness and quality of support I have received from Cetrom since we converted.

Small East-coast CPA Firm

As always I am glad to have these nightly processes in capable hands so I don't have to worry about getting them done. Thank you to the night guys and their struggles with running updates that don't always work!

Mid-sized Midwest CPA Firm

Question answered, problem fixed in under a minute. Can't beat that. Thank you, Cetrom!

Mid-sized East Coast CPA Firm

I think you all are great, you have never been presented with an issue by me that you could not readily resolve. I appreciate you!

Small Southwestern CPA Firm

The Cetrom Support team is very knowledgeable and always willing to go above and beyond for us. We’re truly thankful for all of the assistance they have been able to provide us with.

Mid-sized East Coast CPA Firm

Cetrom Support fixed my problem in under 5 minutes! All Cetrom employees are courteous, professional and great to work with. Thank you, Cetrom!

MID-SIZED West Coast CPA Firm - Support

I don't call the support line very often but when I do the service is always awesome.

Large East Coast CPA Firm - Support

When we call into Cetrom Support, you can tell you are dealing with people who are more experienced in the IT world.

Mid-sized East Coast CPA Firm

There were some very positive reviews that came from clients we knew of who were with Cetrom. One had transitioned over a month or two before and integrated that the migration was super easy and the best decision that they’ve made. The level of service was above the other guys.

Mid-sized East Coast CPA Firm

Everyone I deal with is really nice. If they can’t figure out the fix, they know who to go to get it resolved. That level of service is so important. Customer service is really important to us as an accounting firm.

Mid-sized West Coast CPA Firm

Cybersecurity is so important, especially in the accounting industry. That’s why we do everything in the cloud. We view it as a curtain of security. Things happen, nothing is fool proof which is why we invest in the cloud and in Cetrom.

Mid-sized West Coast CPA Firm

We looked at other providers. We talked with firms that were also working with other providers. Based off our site visit and everything they had to offer, we decided to go with Cetrom.

Small East Coast CPA Firm

I have been pleased with Cetrom’s services and support. Cetrom regularly works with us to ensure day-to-day needs and functionality are being met and that we properly consider long-term needs that will facilitate our strategic growth.

Large East Coast CPA Firm - Services & Support

Always taken care so I don't have to worry about it and that continues to make me happy!

Mid-sized Midwest CPA Firm - Service & Support

Cetrom has continued to provide high-quality hosting services demonstrating their dedication to the CPA profession.

Randy Johnston, Shareholder & VP, K2 Enterprises

Cetrom is, hands down, the leader in providing high quality turnkey hosting solutions for accounting firms. Cetrom's premium hosting platform is built on an industry-leading foundation of redundant hardware, cutting-edge security, and first-class engineering, so when confronted by a pandemic and local staffing challenges, firms can support workers seamlessly regardless of where they choose to live, work, and play.

Brian Tankersley, Director, Strategic Relationships, K2 Enterprises

When covid hit, our team was able to grab all their stuff and work from home and that’s all thanks to Cetrom. We can work from anywhere. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with Cetrom.

Mid-sized West Coast CPA Firm

We love that Cetrom Support knows us, they know our programs, and they are responsive.

Mid-sized West Coast CPA Firm

We did some research and reached out to a well-known IT consultant in the accounting industry and got their honest opinion. They really vouched for Cetrom based on their platform, security, support, and controlled growth model. We made the jump to Cetrom and never looked back.

Mid-sized West Coast CPA Firm

Every Cetrom employee interaction has been with an individual that was very helpful and has a positive attitude. Thank you for having an environment where your staff are always so pleasant to interact with.

Large East Coast CPA Firm

Super fantastic response and customer service! Really appreciate you guys and all the work you do!!!

Large Southeast CPA Firm

They are very responsive and friendly and take care of me and my company well. I feel in good hands with Cetrom!

Small West Coast CPA Firm - Services & Support

As always, Cetrom came through and had my problem solved in a matter of minutes. I really enjoy working with Cetrom Support when I have an IT problem. They are professional, courteous, knows what they're doing, and have a great sense of humor. Thank you Cetrom!!!!

Mid-Sized East Coast Firm - Support

Thank You, Cetrom, for helping us resolve our fax line issue that neither spectrum or EGP could help resolve in 2.5 weeks of calls, technicians, etc. - We appreciate it SO SO much!!!!

Small East Coast CPA Firm - Support

Always an excellent service and professionalism from your team. Thank you for your hard work during this tax season helping us when we needed it most.

Small West Coast Firm - Service & Support

One of the best service desks I have ever worked with, and I've been doing this for 30+ years.

Large East Coast CPA Firm - Customer Service & Support

It was the best service I have ever received from anyone in my life. I am crying tears of joy.

Large East Coast CPA Firm

Very professional and friendly. I called in and right away the engineer knew the issue, jumped into my computer, and fixed it quickly. I have had experiences with other IT companies and this was the best experience I have had.

Large East Coast CPA Firm

Everything went great! We are finishing up the migration now. Is there a survey I can fill out for you, because you were amazing to work with.

Industry Vendor/Partner

I love Cetrom! The staff is always extremely friendly and do everything they can to fix the problem.

A Large Mid-West Accounting Firm

Over 6 years, I have never had such prompt service and fixes but also, maybe equally important, dealt with such great people…I have dealt with the friendliest, nicest people in your organization…never once had a less than courteous, professional, and friendly phone call. I have just been so happy being able to call over there and get issues fixed in a “feel good” environment. Your people have “saved my butt” many times and I greatly appreciate it.

Mid-sized East Coast CPA Firm

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