Going beyond cloud monitoring

cloud-migrationCetrom’s service standards don’t stop at application hosting, or just managing your cloud environment. As opposed to a traditional break/fix IT model, our support team proactively monitors all devices, hardware, and systems to create top-tier system efficiency and keep your cloud-based systems and your premise-based assets up and running, always.

During the migration process we install modules on each device that can detect and flag issues such as a PC or laptop overheating, decrease in server performance, or application update requirements. For your convenience and added control, Cetrom shares these managed service capabilities with you via our Managed Services Portal so that you have the power to monitor systems on your own, should you desire.

These tools give us more insight into performance of the assets you rely on and prevent potential problems before they arise, ultimately leading to a reliable, worry-free cloud environment.

Is Cetrom Your Cloud Services Solution?