Microsoft 365 Hosting Solution

Email is the most essential and regularly-used business tool, especially when communicating with clients, which is why having email down is completely unacceptable (not to mention costly). We deliver the reliability and security you should expect in a Microsoft 365 Hosting solution, taking on all the needed responsibilities:

  • AI-based Anti-virus
  • Email Encryption
  • Email Security
  • Backup & Retention
  • Platform Upgrades
  • Email Archiving

Cetrom Includes Supplemental Security Technology Solutions for Microsoft 365

By supplementing the security, data retention and backup services Microsoft’s hosted Exchange does not offer, Cetrom is able to help further protect its clients from potential cyber threats.

Microsoft 365 Supplemental Services:

AI-based Antivirus for Microsoft 365: Cetrom includes an advanced AI anti-virus security technology to secure Microsoft 365. 95% of cyber-attacks originate via email. AI-based security technologies study the behaviors and characteristics of potentially malicious emails, files, etc. in order to prevent potential cyber threats.

Microsoft 365 Backup & Retention Service: Per Microsoft’s SLA agreement, they do not offer data back up or retention services for their Microsoft 365 platform. In order to provide true business continuity for our clients, Cetrom provides data backup and replication as part of its reliable cloud hosting solution.

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