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A Partners Guide to Managing Your Firm's IT Security

A downloadable guide to why Cybersecurity Is So Important To CPA Firms.

This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the cyber threats facing CPA firms, the best practices for maintaining strong cybersecurity, the benefits of using technologies like Citrix and RDP to enhance the security of CPA firms' networks and systems, and why outsourcing IT is the most secure solution.

Given the sensitive nature of their work, CPA firms have access to client tax returns, confidential personal data, financial information, and other records of interest. Because of this access, CPA firms are at a much higher risk of cyber attacks. 

CPA firms are facing a huge dilemma now more than ever. With the increase in cyber-attacks and security breaches, it is vital that management understands the importance of their firm's IT security. Being proactive with security should be at the top of every partner's list to avoid a disaster.

With cyber attackers' methods evolving, your firm's security must also be. Implementing methods like the Four Pillars of Security, investing in a strong cyber insurance policy, outsourcing your firm's IT to a reliable security company, and more are many ways to avoid falling victim to a cyber attack. 

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