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PaaS and Vendor Lock-In

Some cloud vendors will go to great lengths to ensure you continue to use their services.  If their methods include maintaining good business relationships and delivering great customer service, you probably have nothing to worry about. However, if a provider attempts to keep your business by creating obstacles and eliminating alternative IT options, that’s another... Read More

NSA vs. Cloud Computing

Back in June when Edward Snowden publicly exposed some of NSA’s activities, the controversy caused an uproar in the media. Even though it has now been several months since Snowden blew the whistle, NSA’s snooping is hardly “old news.” This is particularly true for companies that provide cloud computing services, because some consumers are now... Read More

5 Best Customer Service Practices for IT Service Providers

“Offering second-to-none customer service could help your business to succeed no matter what the economic climate or latest technology craze.”– Forbes Web Contributor Internet blogs, message boards, and networking groups are littered with advice and tips on how businesses can deliver better customer service. However, there is also an abundance of online business reviews written... Read More