Cetrom 2FA

cetromSince cybersecurity threats are becoming more prevalent, it’s important for us to stay ahead of the curve to ensure our clients’ vital data and applications remain safe and secure from spyware, malware and ransomware attacks. We are proactively updating our security measures and developing solutions to not only meet our client base’s security needs, but also meet evolving cybersecurity threats as the rest of the industry struggles to keep up.

To help combat those threats, Cetrom introduced Two-Factor Authentication (Cetrom 2FA), a security process that requires users to satisfy two levels of identification prior to accessing programs, servers or desktops. The solution will help its clients in the CPA and accounting, association and nonprofit, travel management and other industries counter cybersecurity threats.

Cetrom developed Cetrom 2FA to help protect client data from hackers actively working to steal important information. It requires two forms of authentication in order to access critical data and applications hosted in the cloud. For example, a user must login having a strong username and password combination along with a unique code sent to their smartphone via SMS text or they must identify a specific image they have selected.

Cetrom 2FA is a safer login alternative and will provide clients the following benefits:

• Elimination of a single point of access to programs, servers or desktops.
• Secure access to data and applications.
• Decreased risk of compromised login credentials.
• Instant notification of suspicious activity related to authentication requests.

Notably, the frequency and intensity of the cyber-attacks on financial institutions has increased exponentially in the past 12 months. The financial losses from cyber-attacks have reached into the billions. Organizations need to increase cyber vigilance, share threat information, and work to detect breaches more quickly. Make sure you develop a strong disaster recovery plan and select a proactive IT provider who has experience in combatting these threats.

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