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There has been a spike in spear-phishing campaigns centered around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) health crisis creating a new wave of cybersecurity threats that businesses need to combat.

Cyber threats are evolving and advancing every day for both large, medium and small firms alike. While large organizations can afford an internal Cyber Team, most small and mid-sized organizations do not have an internal Cyber Team in place. However, to protect your organization, you need a strong, proven IT security capability with the experience and knowledge to help prevent, detect, and combat these detrimental cyber threats, and monitor your IT resources on an ongoing basis. Cetrom’s base level Cyber Security Service, is a fundamental component of our Cloud Offerings, with some additional monitoring options available.

Our goal is to provide you and your team with secure and reliable access to your data so that you can focus on doing your organization’s business. Our proven cloud solutions are backed by our multi-factor cybersecurity methodology and a team of cybersecurity experts. Consider our team, the tools we use and the best practices we implement as your organization’s virtual Cyber Security Team. Our Cyber Service and offerings follow a Cyber Security Playbook that our team follows with the elements outlined below:

  • Verified & Tested Disaster Recovery Plan: Cetrom performs monthly disaster recovery plan drills to ensure quick response times. We work with clients to help build their own business continuity plan so that they can continue working as usual, even during an unexpected outage.
  • Deploy Multiple AI-based Security Products: We install multiple AI-based products built to stop breaches. This AI software learns user’s habits and daily activities so that it can identify when an anomaly may be present within a user’s environment, without having to have known threat signatures.
  • Anti-spam/Anti-virus Prevention & Detection: Reportedly, 90 percent of cyberattacks occur via email. Anti-spam/Anti-virus prevention and detection is another method Cetrom uses to help protect client data, especially when working in email. Additionally, we offer email encryption and archiving. These Prevention and Detections Tools are continuously updated and monitored within our Security Operations Center, (SOC).
  • Deploy and Monitor Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems: Cetrom actively monitors network and system activities for malicious activities or policy violations and reviews these reports in order to gain visibility into existing weak entry points to help avoid possible breaches in the future.
  • Replication of Data and Backups: Cetrom performs two daily backups using two different methodologies, completed separately from the network. Further, we leverage Amazon Web Services for triple backup protection, including data replication.
  • Dedicated Cybersecurity Team: Our team of cybersecurity experts monitor our client’s network activity for any potential threats and offer training opportunities and resources to help educate and protect client data.

By using both preventive and predictive Security best practices, Cetrom can help prevent cyber threats from penetrating your network and help keep your valuable data secure, and your business up and operational.

Cetrom is annually, independently audited and verified to ensure all the layers of our cloud security exceed industry standards. We are SOC 2 and HIPAA certified, all equipment is FIPS 140-compliant, and our two data centers are both SSAE 16 and SOC 2-compliant. We have even been named Top Hosting Provider in the industry by K2 Enterprises and rated 5 stars for our customer service and support by CPA Practice Advisor.

With Cetrom’s Security as a Service as an extension of your Cyber Team, you can be assured you’re keeping Cyber threats at bay.

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