Benefits of Telecommuting for CPA Firms

Growing cybersecurity threats and unexpected natural disasters have led many firms to create a disaster response plan in the event of a large system outage or loss. But to be truthful… many firms have not fully considered the impact an influenza outbreak could have on their firm, like with the new Coronavirus pandemic.

With all the potential and growing threats, having a telecommuting option is becoming a must if you want to ensure business continuity for your firm. You have to ask yourself, does my team have what they need to accomplish their job and work from home for a couple of weeks, if and when necessary?

You should always expect the best, prepare for the worst.

One of the many benefits of having a cloud solution in place is the ability to work remotely. Many CPA Firms around the country, like our clients, have adopted the work from home model to ensure their own business continuity plans, as they don’t have time to be down – especially during Tax Season.

In addition to being ready for those disaster scenarios, here are just some of the many benefits of exercising a telework environment:

  • Increase productivity – Telecommuting reduces downtime and inner office workflow disruptions, ultimately increasing your team’s productivity.
  • Better for your health – The best defense against illness is prevention. Providing a flexible work from home environment to help minimize exposure or to fully recover from an illness, will help reduce the chance of spreading that illness around the office.
  • Better for the environment – Less vehicles on the road = reduction in our carbon footprint.
  • Reduce staff turnover – According to a Stanford University report found that job attrition rates fell by over 50 percent when provided a flexible telecommuting policy.
  • Expand recruitment opportunities – Leveraging telework technology, you’re no longer limited to geography and can attract top talent.
  • Reduce operating expenses – Large cost reduction in office space, supplies, utilities, furniture, equipment, coffee, janitorial services and more

Telecommuting protects business continuity and workflow by enabling staff to work, should the office become unavailable or inaccessible. As a business leader, you have to prepared for that worst-case scenario.

At the end of the day, companies that prioritize a healthy and flexible work-life balance have higher employee satisfaction and lower turnover rates, building a stronger company culture for your team and for your clients.

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