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Cloud Computing Security: What Makes the Cloud Safe?

Rest easy: when it comes to safe data storage, cloud computing offers the security to prevent a loss or leak of information that would cause an inconvenient outburst of rain on an otherwise clear day. Besides meeting the demand for increased storage space, sophisticated cloud computing security technology utilizes enterprise-level safety processes that mirror those... Read More

SAS 70 Simplified

Service organizations must demonstrate that they have adequate controls and safeguards for hosting or processing their customers’ data. Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70 (SAS 70) provides guidance to auditors when assessing a service organization’s control over activities and processes, and discloses this information to their customers in a formatted report, helping to establish trust.... Read More

Hurricane Sandy’s Effect on Cetrom and Cloud Computing

As Hurricane Sandy continues to threaten areas in Eastern U.S., the wind, rain, and flooding continues to affect people and their businesses. Schools, businesses, military, and even governmental institutions are shut down. Despite Sandy’s recipe for potential service disruption at our data facilities, Cetrom is proud to say our Zero Downtime track record still stands,... Read More

What is FIPS 140?

Information security is paramount in the Cloud Computing business. For anyone learning about, planning on moving to, or already in the Cloud, it’s important to know about FIPS 140 certification and the role it plays for information security. What does it mean when software and hardware is FIPS 140 certified? The National Institute of Standards... Read More