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Cetrom CPA Cloud Rated 5 Stars by CPA Practice Advisor

The cloud and application hosting industry has been growing exponentially throughout 2016. While this gives businesses more options to choose from, the large amount of competition has made it increasingly difficult for cloud service and application hosting providers to stand out and differentiate themselves in the market. In response to all of the questions businesses... Read More

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CPA’s Pre-Tax Season Cloud Computing Checklist

With 60-to-90-hour work weeks during tax season and pressing deadlines for filing or requesting extensions, there’s no room for technology troubles. But, inevitably, they crop up—VPN access goes down, shared files don’t sync properly or there’s latency accessing your accounting software. And of course, this happens when you’re at home after already putting in more than 15 hours. What if you... Read More

Avoid Evolving Cyber Threats with These Cybersecurity Tactics

The constantly-evolving nature of the IT industry and technology in general, makes defending against cyber threats and hackers challenging for businesses, especially those that manage IT internally. In fact, ransomware is the latest malware scouring headlines and can be a big threat to businesses. A recent report released by the FBI claims ransomware infections caused... Read More